joysie21: Advice please Dec 29, 2015 21:16:36 GMT 1
joysie21: I would like a peiris /azalea/trailing rose/ acer in my borders i see amazon is selling them but they are only in a 9cm pot so they must be small Dec 29, 2015 21:19:19 GMT 1
Cat: Yes not big plants, easy to grow on but not all are fast growing ie azaleas Jan 1, 2016 22:32:19 GMT 1
Rosie: Remember that Azaleas and Pieris prefer acidic soil Joysie :) Jan 3, 2016 23:15:14 GMT 1
ladindev: hi you have give great joy to know some one grows rob symbol I saw this dahlia 5 years a go have not got any luck to grow it but see you do you know where I can get it from I did ask at the n d s meeting they try but no luck yet do think you could help Mar 26, 2016 12:49:11 GMT 1
ladindev: i have just been a member but i must say it great you give help to us all growing dahlias i show here at north devon but i have dahlias off the lads in the north and south tank you all great post getting to put in some post in soon set up the last dahlias Mar 26, 2016 12:55:35 GMT 1
ladindev: hi to you all good weather just been in green house dahlias coming on but still trying to find out if some one can help me fine me rob symbol help will pay for post etc can any one help Apr 2, 2016 17:29:12 GMT 1